Precision Machine Components

Ventura Micro Tools manufactures small precision tools and complex machine components for the semiconductor, medical, defense and aerospace industries.

One of our unique strengths is machining small holes and intricate features in hard to machine materials such as Stainless Steels, High Purity Ceramics, Tungsten Carbides and High Temperature Plastics.

Our full service CNC and Micro EDM machine shop is capable of producing small precision components that meets the customer's demanding and exacting needs.

Examples of Precision Machine Components

Fluid Dispense Nozzles

Epoxy Dispense Nozzles

Solder Ball Tools

Pick and Place Tooling

Calibration Tools

Flipper Tools

Precision Flexures

Tooling Plates

Die Plates

Flux Plates

Precision Clamps

Precision Spindle Components

Vacuum Fixtures

Part Holding Fixtures

Precision Housings

Insertion Tools

Dip Wells

Vacuum Chucks

Mold Inserts

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