Die Collets

Ventura Micro Tools manufactures tungsten carbide die collets and vacuum pickup tools for manual, semi-automatic and automatic die bonding machines.

We make tools for variety of applications such as epoxy bonding, eutectic bonding, soft solder and flip chip. We offer two-sided, four-sided, inverted pyramid, rectangular flat face, conical tools as well as custom tip configurations for customer specific device.

Please contact us for more information and a quote for your next die bonding project

The following is a short list of die bonding machines supported by Ventura Micro Tools:

MRSI Die Attach Bonders

MRSI-S-HVM .5 Micron Die Bonders

MRSI-H-HVM Family 1.5 Micron Die Bonders

MRSI-H Family 1.5 Micron Die Bonders

MRSI-M3 3 Micron Die Bonders

MRSI 705 5 Micron Die Bonders

Palomar Die Attach Bonders

Palomar 3880-II Die Bonder

Palomar 6500 Die Bonder

Palomar 6532-HP Die Bonder

West-Bond Manual Die Bonders

7200CR Dual Head Epoxy Bonder

7200ICR Triple Head Epoxy Bonder

7316C Single Head Eutectic Die Bonder

7327C Single Head Eutectic Die Bonder

7367E Eutectic Tweezer Die Bonder

7372E Epoxy and Eutectic Die Bonder

7374E Beam Lead Bonder

Hybond Die Bonders

EDB-141 Epoxy/Silver Glass Die Bonder

EDB-140B Semi-Automatic Epoxy Die Bonder

UDB-141 Semi-Automatic Eutectic Die Bonder

UDB-206B Manual Eutectic Die Bonder

Semi Equipment Corp Die Bonders

Model 865 Flip Chip Bonder

Model 850 Flip Chip Bonder

Model 835 Pick and Place System

Finetech Die Bonders

FinePlacer Pico Multi-Purpose Manual Die Bonder

FinePlacer Lambda Sub-Micron Manual Die Bonder

No items found.